Whole-body MRI – Guest post by Dr Andrew Gogbashian

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A recent study in JAMA Oncology has highlighted the benefits of screening patients with Li-Fraumeni syndrome using whole-body MRI imaging.

The study demonstrates that screening with whole-body MRI enables clinically useful early detection of cancer in TP53 mutation carriers. The cancers that were detected were all treated with a curative intent.


The wide spectrum of associated tumours and the need to provide an imaging test without radiation, has brought whole-body MRI to the forefront of imaging in TP53 mutation carriers. Unfortunately, whole-body MRI is not an imaging test widely available in the UK, or most countries for that matter.

At The Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, we have been providing whole-body MRI for patients for several years and have performed over 5000 examinations. We are one of the leading centres in the world in whole-body MRI and one of the very few centres in the UK providing this service clinically.

We would be delighted to potentially offer whole-body MRI to adult patients with Li-Fraumeni syndrome as part of their routine surveillance and I would be happy to discuss personally with patients who are interested in undertaking a potential examination.

Please do not hesitate to email me your questions or interest in whole-body MRI.

Dr Andrew Gogbashian

Email: andrew.gogbashian@stricklandscanner.org.uk

Consultant Oncological Radiologist
The Paul Strickland Scanner Centre
Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

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    I have LFS and am trying to get whole body MRI here in Nebraska. I moved from Wisconsin where the health care was much better!

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